Sensileau switches to credit-based structure to enable pay-per-view and offer rewards for contributions

The Sensileau Sensor Platform has switched from a fee-based subscription model to pay-per view. This offers you as a user the possibility to select and pay only for the information in which you have an actual interest. 

Also, we very much welcome your experience with the deployment of water sensors! Therefore, Sensileau rewards you with credits if you share your experience with us in a showcase or step-by-step guide, or participate as a speaker or host at one of our webinars or workshops.

The following table shows how many credits are used to access more detailed information or can be earnt back by providing a contribution to the knowledge-exchange on the platform:

Information Credits required Credits earnt
Parameter information sheets 12  
Showcase 8 10
Step-by-Step Guide 8 10
Webinar 15 20
Workshop 50 30
Consultancy (per hour) 15  

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Corina Carpentier
13 September 2018