Q: How can I get in touch with one of Sensileau’s experts?
A: Users with a subscription to Sensileau Small Business, Sensileau Utility or Sensileau Professional can ask Sensileau’s experts technical questions by submitting an e-mail to support@sensileau.info.
Q: How can I submit a showcase to share with Sensileau’s subscribers?
A: We very much welcome your experience with the deployment of water sensors! If you are interested in submitting a showcase for sharing on the Sensileau platform, please send a message to support@sensileau.info. We will send you a template to complete and return to us. Only submissions in the English language can be accepted for publication. Sensileau’s experts will review your submission, request clarifications if necessary, and determine whether it is ready for publication on the platform’s website after a technical and language review.
Q: How can I upgrade my free account to access more features of the Sensileau platform?
A: If you have a free account, but wish to upgrade in order to gain access to more detailed information and additional features, go to our Plans & Pricing page and select the plan which is most suitable for you.